Original Title: Roj chu
Production Company: Directorate of Cinema Arts – Duhok
Production Year: 2013
Director: Rizgar Hussein
Script: Rizgar Hussein
Cinematography: Fikri Baroji
Editor: Fikri Baroji
Music Composer: Jilwan Diler
Producer: Adil Abdulrahman
Running Time: 26min
Country: KRG
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Diljan Bahjat, Jiwana Ebrahim

Nasrin, a refugee from Syria, fled to Iraq because of the Syrian war and now works in a house as a maid. Frahad, who was working there before is angry with her, because she took his position. Therefore he never stops putting her into trouble. 
Director’s Biography 
Hussein, born in Iran in 1979, studied cinema at the Law Filmmakers Society in Mahabd City, attended courses of TV industry in the Netherlands and a course of documentary film at The French Institute in Slemani.
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