Original Title: Berzan
Production Year: 2013
Director: Kenan Berzan
Script: Kenan Berzan
Cinematography: Ali Taner Baran, Aziz Ince
Editor: David Maislinger, Ramo Gundogdu, Leonardo Stefenelli
Music Composer: Dengbej Erhan and Alexander Gau
Producer: Kenan Berzan
Running Time: 12min
Country: Turkey, Kurdistan
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Taha Kisaer, Atê Özcelik, Gurbet Gundogan, Ercan Kisaer

After a long absence, Berzan’s father Şiyar returns to his family in their mountain village, only to be quickly arrested again by the government forces. The family is forced to flee in order to avoid further harassment. The film serves as a metaphor for the painful experiences of all the Kurdish activists who disappeared between 1990-1994.
Director’s Biography
Born in 1981 in Turkey. Since his youth he has been dealing with Kurdish, Turkish and international cinema. In 2011 he shot his first short film. Berzan now lives in Berlin, where he works as an actor and studies film directing at the Filmarche.
2013 Berzan
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