Original Title: Khaterate Moshtarek
Production Company: Shamisa Naseri
Production Year: 2013
Director: Shamisa Naseri
Script: Shamisa Naseri
Cinematography: Rahmat Abedini
Editor: Ms. Golaleh Ghavami
Producer: Shamisa Naseri
Running Time: 4min
Country: Iran
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Zhowan Rahmani, Abbas Azizi

An old man and an old woman are in a policlinic. Each one of them wants to see the doctor first. They squabble. Suddenly a film on TV captivates the attention of the old man and he begins to research his memoirs or perhaps common memoirs of all humans missing someone (love) in our life forever.
Director’s Biography 
Naseri, born in 1983, studied youth society and cinema and got a degree in psychology. She wrote short stories for which she won five awards. Also she was awarded three times for her screenplays at the Zhiar FF and the Kosalan FF.