Original Title: Southern Snow
Production Company: Directorate of Cinema – Duhok
Production Year: 2013
Director: Fathi Evari
Script: Fathi Evari
Cinematography: Millat Hirori
Editor: Rajab Ahmed
Music Composer:
Producer: Directorate of Cinema - Duhok
Running Time: 17min
Country: KRG
Language: Kurdish, Arabic
Main Cast: Fathi Evari, Jamal Ebid Jasim, Sanay Falah, Newar Hameed

The film is about Kurdish families, who found themselves in a new land and difficult situation after the Iraqi Regime has expatriated them from Kurdistan to the south of Iraq in 1975.
Director’s Biography  
Evari, born in 1972, graduated from the English Language Department at the Nawroz University. He wrote many short stories, essays, screenplays and radio plays and directed the first short film in 2006.
2011 The Shadow of the Sand
2009 The Long Roads
2007 The Voice of the Live Stones
2007 The Blank Page