Original Title: Kani Pari
Production Company: Jalal Nasiry
Production Year: 2013
Director: Jalal Nasiry
Script: Jalal Nasiry
Cinematography: Adib Sobhani
Editor: Zanyar Lotfi, Jalal Nasiry 
Music Composer: Shahram Ali Mohammadi
Producer: Jalal Nasiry
Running Time: 77min
Country: Iran
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Gholamreza Hematian, Somaye Mafakheri

An old peasant finds a girl who wanders alone, so he brings her home. She says that she is a fairy. Childless women from surrounding towns and villages come to get healed by the fairy. The village teacher sees the girl and falls in love with her, but the old man disagrees.
Director’s Biography  
Hanis was born in 1978. He studied Cinema at the University of Tehran, and has made seven short films about children.
2013 Fairy Spring
2011 Cold Travel
2010 Football Field
2008 The Class Will Be Hold