Original Title:  Mizhoey wen
English Title: Lost History
Production Company: Ministry of Culture KRG, Cinema Directorate Erbil
Production Year: 2013
Director: Hussein Sewdin
Script: Tahseen Faik, Hussein Sewdin
Cinematography: David Boerman
Editor: Serdar Babeker
Music Composer: Diler Ali Hame
Producer: Nechirwan Argushi
Running Time: 65min
Country: Kurdistan
Language: Kurdish, Arabic
Main Cast: Rebeen Qader, Neda Ali

In 1959, clashes took place amongst the ethnic groups of Kirkuk City; Kurds, Arabs, and Turkmen. Even now, this is still raised and discussed and has an influence on the political situation in Kirkuk-Kurdistan-Iraq. In this film, the filmmakers try to show the reality and the background of that incident.
Director’s Biography  
Born in 1957, was a political activist in Kirkuk, left to Iran and then to Holland. After 20 years in exile studying at the Film Academy and working for TV channels such as Holland TV, he now works for TV back home and teaches at the Erbil University.

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