Original Title: Semyan
Production Company: Directorate of Cinema Arts – Duhok, Avesta Film
Production Year: 2013
Director: Mohammed Jano
Script: Mohammed Jano, Ismail Hajani
Cinematography: Shahrayar Asadi
Editor: Rajab Ahmad
Music Composer: Haron Ataman
Producer: Avesta Film
Running Time: 62min
Country: Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Bangin Ali, Fate, Lolan Azad, Rekesh Shahbaz

In the secret relationship between a manager and his secretary begins the story of an illegitimate child. The mother tries to save her child with the help of a nurse who works in the hospital, but the winds do not blow as the vessels wishes.
Director’s Biography
Jano, born in Bamarny in 1973, studied at the Korean Academy of Film Arts and at the Asian Film Academy in Korea. In 2003 he started filmmaking.        


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