Original Title: Frmeski Paykarakan
Production Company: Kurdistan Regional Ministry of Culture & Youths 
Production Year: 2013
Director: Azad Kerkuky
Script: Azad Kerkuky, Said Aqiqi
Cinematography: Shehreyary Assadi 
Editor: Ibrahim Saidi
Music Composer: Ali Samedpur
Producer: Abdulrahman Muhammed
Running Time: 72min
Country: KRG
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Jihad Dilpak, Kawan Aziz, Awat Rasool, Kwestan Mohammed

The film is about a man in his 60s. He lives an unfamiliar life, alone in the Kurdish mountains. His life pattern reflects his behaviors and conducts. Through this story the film also discuses contemporary issues like youth migration and honour killing in the Kurdish society.
Director’s Biography  
Kirkuki, born in 1964, left Iraq in 1983 and lived in different European countries. He obtained a master degree in Film Directing from the Moscow Film Institute (VGIK) in 1996 and returned to Iraq in 2005.
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