Original Title: Mavi Ring
English Title: The Blue Van
Production Company: FerFilm Productions
Production Year: 2013
Director: Ömer Leventoğlu
Script: Ömer Leventoğlu, Bayram Balcı
Cinematography: Lefteris Agapoulakis
Editor: Kelengper R. Yüksel
Music Composer: Orçun Yıldırım, Serhat Bostancı
Producer: Ömer Leventoğlu
Running Time: 87min
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish, Kurdish
Main Cast: Ezgi Çelik, Kemal Ulusoy, Diyar Dersim, Bilal Bulut

Pınar is working at the Eskişehir State Hospital as a medical doctor. One night she finds herself in a military jeep going to State Prison by the official commission of the hospital. In a brutal operation political prisoners on hunger strike are being transferred to another prison. Pınar has to sign the papers allowing the transfer and confirm the medical conditions.
2013 The Blue Van
2008 The Children of the Crack Soil
2006 Burn Pain