Original Title: Bender
Production Company: Retina Film
Production Year: 2012
Director: Murat Sercan Subaşi
Script: Abdulcebbar Avcı, Murat Sercan Subaşı, Emre Aydilek
Cinematography: Berker Ersoy
Editor: Ali Yıldız, Murat Sercan Subaşı
Music Composer: Zafer Atmanoğlu
Producer: Kazım Taşkın
Running Time: 85min
Country: Turkey
Language: Kurdish, Turkish 
Main Cast: Denız Sal, Vefa Engın, Barış Işık, Öner Ateş

The stories my dad was telling are still vivid in my memory. They were mainly about our village and peasant life during the harvest time, and how teachers awaited students, parents awaited their children, and children awaited to grow up and go far away. People of this land speak, cry, and laugh in another language and all deal with the soil, as if the relationship holding between them and the soil resembles that of one family.
Director’s Biography  
Subaşi graduated from Marmar University. He worked as DoP, made many clips and short films.The Hunter is his first feature film.
2012 The Harvest