Original Title: Zemestane Akhar
Production Company: Kurdish Channel of Iran
Production Year: 2013
Director: Salem Salavati
Script: Salem Salavati
Cinematography: Salah Karimi
Editor: Salem Salavati
Music Composer: Payman Salimfard
Producer: Sana Hoseinpanahi, Salem Salavati
Running Time: 75min
Country: Iran
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Jafar Shaikhahmadi, Asiye Moradizar

Baji and the headman are the sole survivors of an isolated village. They are the only companions and trust each other. One night, due to restrains of nature, they are separated and Baji is left alone at home. The headman does his best to pass through the snow while Baji, all alone in the village, is knitting the last part of their story on the cloth.
Director’s Biography  
Born in Kurdistan Iran in 1975. Salavati has directed several short films, documentaries and feature films. He has received more than fifty national and international awards for his work as both director, scriptwriter and photographer. 

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