Original Title:     Hazar u yak siwe (هەزار و یەك سێو)
English Title:     1001 Apples
Production Company:   AvA MEDIA
Director:  Taha Karaimi
Script:  Taha karimi
Cinematography:  Mehdi Azadi
Editor:  Hardi Ghader
Music Composer:  Mikail Aslan; Kamal Matin Qaraman;Jwan Hajo (selected Tracks)
Producer:  Taha Karimi & AvAMedia
Running Time:  74 min
Country: Kurdistan _Iraq
Language:  Kurdish
Main Cast:  with participate  of Anfal’s  survivals: Faraj Topkhane , Abdulghader , Hashim , Ababakr
The screening would be (Premiere): National premiere
Year: 2013

In 1988 the Iraqi Ba’ath party murdered and buried 182,000 Kurds in 350 mass graves. Only 10 people managed to escape.
Faraj climbed out from amongst the dead and was taken to the USA by ‘Human Rights Watch’.
Realizing that few people were aware of the genocidal ‘Anfal’ massacres, Faraj formed the ‘Iraqi Mass Graves Survivors’ group.
He returned to Kurdistan where, with four other survivors, he bought 1001 red apples and cloves and distributed them to families who had lost members.
These apples and cloves became symbols of reconciliation and peace.

Director’s Biography
Born in Baneh, in the Iranian side of Kurdistan in 1976, Taha Karimi graduated in filmmaking from Tehran University of Arts, Faculty of Cinema and Theater and he is presently a grad student of Arts Research in MA .
Taha Karimi has so far participated in a number of accredited internal and international film festivals bagging totally 20 awards. His White Mountains won him the Best Narrative Award in Tehran’s 23rd Short Film Festival. He was also nominated for Best Director Crystal Phoenix for directing The White Mountains in the 24th Int’l Fadjr Film Festival, best award  for qandil Mountain in Digital International film festival India, best award for script in Ourenc  film festival of Spanish , best documentary for “I am with mercenary “ International film festival cinema – Haghighat  Iran , Third Prize for I am white mercenary in Gulf film festival and …