Original Title: Was
Production Year: 2013
Director:  Caner Canerik
Script: Caner Canerik
Cinematography: Caner Canerik
Editor: Caner Canerik
Music Composer: Sait Bakşi
Producer: Caner Canerik
Running Time: 77min
Country: Turkey
Language: Kurdish
Main Cast: Beser Demirtaş, Fatma Bozkurt

Fatma came to Beser Demirtaş´ house as a second wife in return for a bull, but due to his bad health the husband soon died. Now the two wives continue living together after their husband´s death protecting the grass they bought for their cattle. After a while, the small square where the grass is piled turns into the meeting and sharing point of the village.
Director’s Biography 
Canerik was born in Dersim/Pülümür in 1973. Since 1997, he has worked as DoP and reporter for several newspapers and TV channels. Since 2008, he has worked as an independent documentary filmmaker.
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