Original Title: Faîlî Dewlet
Production Year: 2012
Director: Veysi Altay
Script: Veysi Altay
Cinematography: Veysi Altay
Editor: Veysi Altay
Music Composer: Erdoğan Emir
Producer: Veysi Altay
Running Time: 58min
Country: Kurdistan Turkey
Language: Kurdish, Turkish
Main Cast: Ömer a Şhin, Nazım Çalışkan

In the 1990s, many people were subject to interrogations in Kurdistan and subsequently tortured and killed. Their bodies dumped into the forests, eliminated in vats of acid or burnt in furnaces.
By interviews with the victims and other people involved, this film tells the story of Şirnak/Cizre where the most brutal massacres happened.
Director’s Biography 
Born in 1975 in Ağrı. Altay has been involved in photography and film for many years. Besides his work as a film director, he is a published author and works for various newspapers and magazines. 
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