Original Title: Der Imker
Production Company: Frame Film Bern, Swiss Radio, SRF, Arte
Production Year: 2013
Director: Mano Khalil
Script: Mano Khalil
Cinematography: Mano Khalil, Steff Bossert
Editor: Mario Bachmann
Music Composer: Mario Batkovic
Producer: Mano Khalil
Running Time: 107min
Country: Switzerland
Language: Kurdish, Swiss-German, German
Main Cast: Ibrahim Gezer

Ibrahim Gezer lost everything he had in the Turkish-Kurdish war: his family, his country and his bee colonies, his basis to make a living. After a long odyssey, the he found a life in Switzerland, thanks to his passion for bees. The film tells not only the story of a beekeeper, but also the unusual story of integration in the seemingly conservative heart of today’s Switzerland, showing the struggle between human interaction and political propaganda.
Director’s Biography
Khalil was born in the Kurdish part of Syria, studied Law and History in Damaskus and directing in Prague. He freelanced for Czech and Slovak TV and moved to Switzerland in 1996. He works as a director, scriptwriter and producer and founded the production company Frame Film in Bern.
2014 Die Schwalbe (in production)
2013 Der Imker
2010 Unser Garten Eden
2009 Mein Kerker, mein Haus