Original Title: Kıymet 
Director: Canan Turan
Script: Canan Turan
Cinematography: Canan Turan, Adriana Uribe, Duygu Saykan
Editor: Canan Turan
Music Composer: Uran Apak
Producer: Canan Turan & Goldsmiths College London
Running Time: 25’
Country: Germany/UK
Language: Turkish and German


This is a film about my grandmother. Her name is Kıymet which means value in Turkish. She was the first person from my family who left her village and emigrated to Germany. I could learn a lot from my grandmother because she has given so much as a mother, activist and immigrant worker. After more than 40 years of marriage she got divorced from my grandfather whom she had once saved from political persecution in Turkey for being a socialist.

Director’s Biography
273 Characters (with spaces): Canan Turan was born in Turkey in 1984 and grew up in Berlin where she lives today. She graduated from the M.A. Screen Documentary programme at Goldsmiths College London in 2012. “Kıymet” was her final project. Currently, Canan is developping her first feature documentary.

2012 Kıymet