Original Title: Die Ruhe bleibt
Production Company: Stefan Kriekhaus
Production Year: 2013
Director: Stefan Kriekhaus
Script: Stefan Kriekhaus
Cinematography: Patrick Orth
Editor: Till Steinmetz
Producer: Stefan Kriekhaus
Running Time: 14min
Country: Germany, France
Language: German, French, English
Main Cast: Jakob Bieber

An afternoon at the edge of a large film set, somewhere out in rural France. A trainee takes up his position. He is responsible for blocking off the street while filming is in process. His only connection to the set is via walkie talkie. He begins to get bored. Time passes slowly and we wait with him, merely observing the afternoon - without a single cut or a comma.
Director’s Biography  
Born in 1968, in Giessen, Germany. Kriekhaus is a Berlin based author and film director. Graduated from Humboldt University Berlin with a master in History of Science and Cultural Studies. 
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