Original Title: Silvi
Production Company: suesssauerfilm
Production Year: 2013
Director: Nico Sommer
Script: Nico Sommer
Cinematography: Julia Stiebe, Nico Sommer
Editor: Julius Herth
Producer: Silke Benckendorff
Running Time: 97min
Country: Germany
Language: German
Main Cast: Linda Wendel, Thorsten Merten, Harald Polzin, Iván Gallardo

"I know every wrinkle of your body. This is a nightmare." With her husband leaving, Silvi realizes that her rather dull marriage has failed. Now lost and lonely at the age of 47, she is driven by the desire to not be alone, and decides to start over again! Anonymous sex, endearment in the dark, and lunatic lovers push her into emotional chaos of affection, pleasure and borderline experiences. She figures that finding the right partner becomes quite a challenge.
Director’s Biography  
Born in 1983 in Berlin, Germany. Sommer studied feature and documentary film direction and visual communication, graduating in 2012 with distinction. He founded suesssauerfilm in 2003.
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