Original Title: Alleine Tanzen
Production Company: Telekult, DFFB
Production Year: 2012
Director: Birnur Pilvaci
Script: Birnur Pilvaci
Cinematography: Armin Dierolf, Biene Pilavci
Editor: Birnur Pilvaci
Producer: Max Hilhahn, Heike Kunze
Running Time: 98min
Country: Germany
Language: German, Turkish
Main Cast: the Pilavci family

 “Dear diary, my heart is in pain. I want it to stop. But it won't. It never will. Only if it stops beating all together. I am so ashamed." Diary entries and old VHS recordings, once mute witnesses of violence, speak out and contribute to a family kaleidoscope in which it becomes painfully clear for director Birnur Pilvaci that you can't go anywhere without taking your past with you.
Director’s Biography  
Born 1977 in Germany, Pilvaci grew up in a family of Turkish immigrants. Before making film she co-founded a socio-cultural center in Spain and apprenticed to become a painter. Currently she studies film directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin.
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