Original Title: Dragan Wende – West Berlin
Production Company: von.müller.film
Production Year: 2013
Director: Lena Müller & Dragan von Petrovic
Co-director: Vuk Maksimovic
Script: Lena Müller & Dragan von Petrovic
Cinematography: Vuk Maksimović
Editor: Dragan von Petrovic
Music Composer: Ognjan Milošević
Producer: Lena Müller
Running Time: 87min
Country: Serbia, Germany
Language: Serbo-Croatian, German, English
Main Cast: Dragan Wende, Vuk Maksimovic

The Yugoslav immigrant Dragan Wende used to be the street king of West-Berlin’s 1970s hedonistic disco scene. Along with his friends, he roamed the nightclubs on both sides of the Wall. But when the Wall fell, everything changed. Dragan has not set foot in East Berlin for the past 20 years and has no intention to do so. A microcosm of underdogs and their survival strategies unfolds as a tragicomedy in a still-divided city.
Director’s Biography 
Müller, of German and Yugoslav origin, studied Philosophy, Political Science and Economics at Oxford University and Film at King’s College. Founder of von.müller.film and a theatre and film collective in Berlin. Works as a director, producer and actress.
Petrovic, born in Serbia, graduated from the AFC Film Directing School and the Film Editing Department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade. Attended Berlinale Talent Campus. Winner of the 1st prize at the Belgrade Alternative Film and Video Festival. Works as an editor and director.  
Lena Müller 
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Dragan von Petrovic 
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