Original Title: MansFeld
Production Company: 42film GmbH
Production Year: 2012
Director: Mario Schneider
Script: Mario Schneider
Cinematography: Florian Kirchler, Mario Schneider
Editor: Gudrun Steinbrück-Plenert, Mario Schneider
Music Composer: Cornelius Renz, Mario Schneider
Producer: Mario Schneider
Running Time: 98min
Country: Germany
Language: German
Main Cast: Tom Steinkopf, Paul Timm, Sebastian Eichler

Tom, Sebastian and Paul are children from very different families. They live in a small village in the Mansfeld region, an area that is marked by the decline of the mining industry. A huge waste dump of slag still lies like a mountain above the village and recalls the elapsed time. An archaic custom has remained over the centuries, and the three boys play a crucial role in it. MansFeld thus portrays the magical mysteries of childhood and a thousand-year-old custom.
Director’s Biography
Born in Beindorf, Germany. Studied musicology, philosophy and art history before gaining a diploma in film composing at the Academy of Music Munich. Since 2000 Schneider has worked as a director, author and film composer. He is the managing director of the film production company 42film GmbH.
2012 MansFeld
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