Production: Belgium 2011
Director: Sahim Omar Kalifa
Screenplay: Sahim Omar Kalifa
Cinematography: Robrecht Heyvaert & Kobe Van Steenberge
Film Editor: Joren Desmidt
Running Time: 17 Mins
Language: Kurdish - Arabic
Subtitles: English
Cast: Ahmed Nisret, Zana Gandi, Adla Bapir, Naima Abdo, Faryal Bozan


In the 17-minute film, director Sahim Omar Kalifa goes back to his youth in Iraq. In the war-torn country, three kids are killing time. While their mother and aunt are polishing artillery, the children want to watch cartoons on TV, but all they see on the small screen is Saddam Hussein’s victory propaganda.

Director’s Biography

Sahim Omar Kalifa was born in 1980 in Kurdistan - Iraq. He came to Belgium in 2001, where he worked as an interpreter and whilst studying Audiovisual Arts at the University of Art and Design Sint-Lukas Brussels. In 2008 he got Master degree as film director. With his successful graduation short film Nan he won a wildcard (60.000 euro - Best Student Film) from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund and could make his first professional short film Land of the Heroes.

Land of the heroes. ‘Land of the heroes’ got a huge success, till now received 14 international Awards and selected for more then 80 festivals. The best Award was at Berlinale 2011 as ‘Jury Award - Best film – Generation section). It was the first time that a Kurdish short film got such Award at Berlinale. It is the most awarded Flemish short film in the last decade or so.