Production: Kurdistan Regional Government 2011
Director: Ezaddin Qadir Kareem
Screenplay:   Azad Pinjuwini
Cinematography:  Nabez Ahmed
Film Editor:  Nabez Ahmed
Running Time:  11 Mins
Language: Kurdish
Cast: Lawko Tofiq Jaf , Xato Goli , Luqman Qaradaqi , Taha Daranmaiy


An empty bullet becomes kid’s doll for whistling. After that the kids realize that this bullet is a tool for killing each other. Then they deice to decorate their doll and toys beautifully by their hands. 
Director’s Biography
Ezaddin Qadir Kareem was born in 1970 in Suleimani. He studied secondary school. As an actor he played in some films and TV drama shows . The films that he participated are ‘’ Charanos , Bafreki Rash, Peshko , Dayk , Sayran , Bazergan , Khallat..He has won several awards in internal festivals.