Production: Japan 2011
Director: Keiichi Kobayashi
Screenplay: Keiichi Kobayashi
Cinematography: Keiichi Kobayashi
Film Editor: Keiichi Kobayashi
Running Time: 113 Mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Cast: Ai Ikeda – Ena Koshino – Reiko Fujiwara – Tsubasa Takayama – Hakusyu Togetsuna


High school student Izumi, whose daily routine is rating newspaper articles, finds a wallet containing a large sum of cash. Instead of returning the wallet to its owner, Izumi decides to lend a substantial portion of the money to a middle-aged male acquaintance. She eventually returns the wallet to its owner, a wealthy high-school boy named Koki, who notices the missing money, and as compensation, asks Izumi to do something for his friend – to create a newspaper that brings happiness to its reader.

Director’s Biography

Keiichi Kobayashi was Born in Japan in 1972. He directed numerous music videos, commercials, television programmes, web-based dramas and more. About the Pink Sky is his debut feature film.