Production: Spain 2011
Director: Carles Torras
Screenplay: Carles Torras
Cinematography: John Gonzalez
Film Editor: Emanuele Tiziani, Sara Lopez
Running Time: 70 Mins
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Cast: Amadis de Murga, Jose Maria White, Judith Uriach, Bocchi Alice, Ruben Jimenez, Fine Rius, Ana Garcia Vives, Pedro Veitia, Ann Marie How.


Hector works as a night watchman. Take care of his brother affected by a disability psychophysics and fight every day against the adversities of the environment: a case pending, an authoritarian father and a depressing job. Despite their efforts, Hector will sink in a disturbing state of apathy that will be increasingly more difficult to escape. With evocative staging and sound interpretation of Amadis de Murga, OPEN24H portrays the daily life of a character trapped in a suffocating reality.


Director’s Biography

Carles Torras (Barcelona 1974), studied at the Film Studies Center of Catalunya (CECC). He was subsequently selected for the Berlin Film Festival to participate in the "Berlinale Talent Campus" where he performed various workshops and seminars with professionals such as Ridley Scott, Stephen Frears, Walter Salles, Christopher Doyle and Claire Denis. He also studied drama in order to develop their skills in directing actors. His first feature JOVES (2004)-in co-management with Ramon Térmens-won public and critical recognition and participated in over 30 international festivals, winning several awards Best Director.

His second feature TRASH (2009)-starring Oscar Jaenada, Assumpta Serna and Judith Uriach-competes in the Official Selection of the Festival of Malaga and gets 13 nominations at the awards Gaudí 2009. His third feature OPEN 24H, directed and produced by himself, is his most personal film.