Production: Kurdistan Regional Government 2012
Director:  Hushyar Z. Nerwayi
Screenplay:  Bilal Shaker, Hushyar Z. Nerwayi, Parwiz Chicho
Cinematography: Shahriar Assadi
Film Editor: Rajab Ahmed
Running Time:  81 mins
Language:  Kurdish
Subtitles: English
Cast:  Husain Hassan – Dilbar Dusky - Delfa Erfi

In a small village near the Iraqi Kurdistan border with Turkey, Bewar’s wife, Bahar, finds herself pregnant with yet another girl. Having two daughters already, Bewar wants a son. Believing his wife can only produce girls, Bewar decides to take a second wife from a family he knows on the Turkish side of the border. The father of the prospective wife only agrees to the marriage if Bahar accepts. Bewar persuades Bahar to come with him and make the dangerous border crossing to Turkey. On the way, both husband and wife learn to cross their own personal borders as the previously submissive Bahar starts standing up for herself.
Director’s Biography
Hushyar Z nerwayi was born in Duhok in 1974 . He emigrated to Iran in 1975 . Graduated from directing at Sure college in Esfahan (Iran). Has made a number of short films in Kurdistan as:The shame, The melody of life, Bitter and sweet, Upside-down world, Rav jhe ravake, Why ? Where is the land is his first fiction film.