Production: Iran 2012
Director: Shahram Maslakhi
Screenplay: Shahram Maslakhi
Cinematography: Salem Salavati
Film Editor: Sohrab Khosravi
Running Time: 74 Mins
Language: Kurdish & Persian
Subtitles: English
Cast: Shahram Haghighat Doost – Showan Atoof

"Burning Nests" is the story of a boy whose mother died at Halabja genocide. He never came back to halabja but now he is off to find his real family in Halabja.
Director’s Biography
Shahram Maslakhi was born in 1986 in Tehran. His father is originally from Halabja. Maslakhi obtained his diploma of theatre in 2004 and received BA in Filmmaking. He began his career as an actor/playwright in 2001. He made his first film – made for TV, Bewildered, in 2007. Burning Nests is his first feature film after making several TV documentaries.