Production: Kurdistan Regional Government 2012
Director: Ako Aziz
Screenplay: Ako Aziz, Azad Bastan
Cinematography: Azad Bastan
Film Editor: Luqman Suxen Wer
Running Time: 85 Mins
Language: Kurdish
Subtitles: English
Cast: Rojan Hama Jaza, Kawan Aziz, Prosh Zimnako, Hama Ali Sura Qlati, Izat Rauf, Rebwar Hama Hawrami

10 Seconds covers those societal norms that are challenges to overcome in a society where both men and women suffer from them, but for some reasons they cannot find ways out of it. Especially, children like Hiwa and Sara are among those who suffer the most.
Director’s Biography
Ako Aziz was born 1963 in Sulaimani. Graduated from fine arts institute in 1985. Directed several theatres. Currently works at Sulaimania Cinema directorate and his last film is (10 Seconds) co-written with Azad Bastan.