Production: Kurdistan Regional Government / France 2012
Director: Hassan Ali
Screenplay: Hassan Ali
Cinematography: Tribhuvan Babo & David Moerman
Film Editor: Fekri Baroshi
Running Time: 104 Mins
Language: Kurdish, French
Subtitles: English
Cast: Bayan Osman, Shwan Atof

The story of film is about Shirin. Shirin falls in love with Farhad. Both speak French and that keeps them closer. But, societal norms are a challenge that they face and they get seperated. Farhad goes back to Paris. Shirin does not surrender and goes after Farhad. The folkloric story of Farhad and Shirin repeats itself with this young couple. 
Director’s Biography
Hassan Ali was Born in 1967 in Erbil, Iraq. He has been the assistant director for four features and worked as a producer of the feature film « Crossing the dust » in 2007. He is now working as an artistic director in the Erbil Cinema Directorate.