Production: Turkey 2012
Director: Khalil Aygun
Screenplay: Khalil Aygun
Cinematography: Sargan Yurak, Emrah Doghro, Mahmud Chalik, and Khalil Aygun
Film Editor: Mahmud Chalik, and Khalil Aygun
Running Time: 22 Mins
Language: Kurdish
Subtitles: English

Dom is a documentary film on the life of strange inhabitants called '' Dom ''. It is a tragicomic documentary filmed in Nusaybin.  Dom shows the way how these people live, make decisions and manage in such situation.
Director’s Biography
Halil Aygün, In 1989, Halil Aygün was born in Mardin Nusaybin. He studied at faculty of communication at Erciyes University. Currently he lectures at departman of Radyo, Cinema And TV. He is interested in documentary, short film, advertising production and music clips.