Awazên Axê (The Earth's Melody)

Production: Kurdistan Regional Government 2012
Director: Rekesh Shahbaz
Screenplay:  Rekesh Shahbaz
Cinematography: Kawa Hadi – Renas Sa’dullah – Ari Jalal
Film Editor:  Rekesh Shahbaz
Running Time: 25 Mins
Language: Kurdish
Subtitles: English

The film is about some Chukar birds hunters who have their own tradition in dealing with their Chukars. In addition, there are trips to the mountains and places where Chukars live.
Director’s Biography
Rekesh Shahbaz was born in Dohuk, 1981. He is graduated from the Institute of fine Arts, Department of Theatre in Dohuk. He has performed in several plays as main actor. He has a background in TV program management, hosting and tv documentaries. The Earth’s Melody is his third documentary film.