Dê Her Hêyn (We will Come Anyways)

Production: Kurdistan Regional Government 2012
Director: Bangin Ali
Screenplay: Bangi Ali
Cinematography: Fathi Evari, Rajab Ahmed, Rekesh Shehbaz
Film Editor: Rajab Ahmed
Running Time: 25 Mins
Language: Kurdish
Subtitles: English
Cast: Harbi Haji, Sarchon Tajdin, Bekas Mosa, and Halkaft Mishakhti

This documentary film focuses on the life of three people who depend on fishing for their living. The human interference on the nature made these people leave fishing and find another job to have bread on their table and integrate with life. But… their love for this job made them go back to their memories and continue fishing, a job that is left for them from their ancestors.

Director’s Biography

Bangen Ali was born in Duhok, Bamerne town 09/09/1979. In 1999 he entered Duhok fine arts institute and studied theatre. He continued his studies in Erbil a Cinema department of Fine Arts college and graduated in 2010. He participated in many plays and performances since his beginning in the field of theatre. He continues working in filmmaking and his first film under the name (We will come anyways) is his first work as a director.