Melody Bard (Stone Melody)

Production: Iran 2011
Director: Parviz Rostami
Screenplay: Parviz Rostami
Cinematography:  Sarkew Mesgari
Film Editor:  Tofigh Amani
Running Time: 11 Mins
Language:  Kurdish
Subtitles: English

This Documentary film has a formal and aesthetic look to the rock and its applications in human life from birth to death in a mountainous geography. The longstanding relationship between man and nature is widely known throughout the centuries, and the rock as a thick and voluminous element has been used consistently over time in different ways, and as the most basic element of human life its use has been going on.  In this film people’s life is real and gives the viewer a sense of identification. Film locations are in Oraman of Kurdistan. Now the hard-boiled life in this environment is the same as usual and stone has a special place in their daily lives. this film was in competition in several domestic and foreign film festivals.
Director’s Biography
Parviz Rostami was born in 1356 in Oraman Takht village. He entered into the realm of art in 1375 (Shamsi) by studying visual arts in university.  He toke a photography course at Youth Cinema Society in 1378. Subsequently, and he directed his first short film called “A singing to the river” in 1380. Then, continued working consistently on documentary films. Until 1385, he was able to make six short films and three fiction films.  His concern about gaining experience in film making lead him to make short films like “Lasting Legacy,” “A table-linen for the joy of spirits,”  “Patchal,” and “The praise guest,” from 1385 and to take part in national and international festivals. His success in effort to achieve his old dream, documentary film. And this effort was in the shadow of the aesthetic elements and consecutive years of his research. Presence in domestic and international festivals and winning numerous awards in the field of documentary cinema has been his success. In his films he wants to communicate with the general and specific audiences and this work has been done by deep artistic aesthetic view.