Qereçên Adarê (Gypsy of Adar)

Production: Kurdistan Regional Government 2011
Director: Hakar Abdolqadir
Screenplay:  Hakar Abdolqadir
Cinematography: Kawa Hadi
Film Editor: Azad Rojbayani
Running Time: 40 Mins
Language: Kurdish
Subtitles: English 

It’s about the way of life of Gypsies of Adar area in Duhok city. They try to transform to a modern life. To reach there they face many difficulties and in society too. 
Director’s Biography
Hakar Abdolqadir was born 1980, in Duhok. Gypsies of March has been screened at Documentary Films Festival ‘’Didari Çira’’ and won the Best Director Award.