Production: Turkey 2012
Director: Rodi Yuzbasi
Screenplay: Rodi Yuzbasi
Cinematography: Rodi Yuzbasi
Film Editor: Rodi Yuzbasi
Running Time: 27 Mins
Language: Kurdish
Subtitles: English

Kurdish culture has a widespread, fascinating oral tradition, which explains everything; people faced everyday life, either by the way of singing or storytelling. Thus, cultural values are transferred vocally from generation to generation by these songs and stories, which are told by Dengbej. This documentary narrates the story of one-year life cycle in a village located in eastern Turkey, as several dengbej accompany us with their unrefined voice and thousand years memories.
Director’s Biography
While he was at Communication Faculty, he started his photograph works. He went on working photograph in different subjects. He is still carrying on his works in documentary cinema field. He is still studying at Cinema-TV Department of Fine Arts Institute, Marmara University.