Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona

Production: Kurdistan Regional Government 2011
Director: Tofan Abubaker
Screenplay: Tofan Abubaker
Cinematography: Tofan Abubaker, Ibrahim ramazan, Bilal Shakir
Film Editor: Bilal Shakir
Running Time: 15 Mins
Language: Kurdish
Subtitles: English
Cast: Loqman Rasol

The film is about Real Madrid and Barcelona fans in Kurdistan, and the things that happen on the Kurdish streets before and after each match. These matches affect on the daily life of the people of Kurdistan especially is some cases that end up with violence.
Director’s Biography 
Tofan’s real name is jubrail abubaker and he was born in 1983, he live in Erbil / Iraq. He works as cameraman assistant in 30 short films and 13 feature films, after that he became cameraman in 10 short films and documentaries, Tofan started filming since 2001 until now, Real Madrid and Barcelona is his second short film, he has been awarded as a best Scriptwriter  twice in his first film, he worked with Bahman Qubadi, and Ibarhim Saeedi.