Silo Qîz (The Bard from Dersim)

Production: Turkey 2011
Director: Bülent Boral
Screenplay: Bülent Boral
Cinematography: Mehmet Dalmaz
Film Editor: Bülent Boral, Mehmet Dalmaz
Running Time: 38 Mins
Language: Kurdish, Turkish
Subtitles: Englis

This documentary is about the life and musical adventure of Silo Qiz, master of the violin and life-long resident of Dersim, Kurdistan. He was taught at the age of five to play the violin by his father. Now over 100 years old, he is one of the few remaining witnesses of the Dersim massacres in 1937-38. As a witness, his lyrics cover the resistance to the oppression of the Turkish state and the subsequent massacre that resulted with the killing of 80,000 people. He composed thousands of songs including many songs for women whom he felt a platonic love towards.
Director’s Biography
Bülent Boral (Bingöl, 1972) lives in İstanbul. He is a high school graduate. He has a background in drama. He acted in and directed many theatrical performances. Boral has worked with the Mezopotamya Cinema Collective since 2008. "The Folk Poet From Dersim: Sılo Qız" is his first film.


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