Production: Hale İşsever
Length: 6 min
Director: Hale İşsever
Camera: Hale İşsever
Land: Turkey
Language: Kurdish
Cast: Pelda Bal, Cicek Tekdemir,
Ramazan Ilten
Subtitles: English



A young woman is on her journey through an unknown land. In her hand she holds a dried poppy flower. Her goal is to find its field of origin.



Hale Issever was born in 1978 in Canakkale -Can, Turkey. She studied Sculpture at the School of Art in Istanbul. In 1997, she worked with the Theatre group 'Jiyana nu' as a scenographer and was responsible for costume and design. She worked from 1998 to 1999 in the film department  of the Mesopotamian Cultural Centre. As a sculptor she had numerous national and international exhibitions. In 2003, she made the grave of the iconic singer Ahmet Kaya in the Paris cemetery at Père-Lachaise. She currently works as an artistic director and designer for various production companies and is involved in the board of the turkish movie union SINE-SEN.