Production: Rebwar Hama Hawrami
Length: 9 min
Director: Hawraz Mohammad
Camera: Bwar Jalal
Land: Irak-Kurdistan
Language: Kurdish
Cast: Salah Shex Muhammedi,
Nazira Muhammed, Dia Sabir, Osa Ray
Subtitles English



The film looks at people isolated from social life, and remaining unnoticed.



Hawraz Mohammad was born in 1983 Sulaimaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan. In 2008 he completed his Sociology  degree at the University of Sulaimaniyah. Since 2000 he has worked as a journalist and photographer in Kurdistan and Egypt, his photographs having been shown in many exhibitions.  He has also worked in theater production. So far he has made 10 documentaries, 4 short films and published two books. "Roja Caremin " is his fifth short film.