Production: Filmakademie Wien
Length: 24 min
Director: Hüseyin Tabak
Camera: Lukas Gnaiger
Land: OÅNsterreich
Language: German
Cast: Leonhard Berger, Katharina Gerlich
Subtitles: English



An abandoned house offers a 13 year old boy's retreat, protection and alibi. He defends his newly conquered space against intruders, trains to music from the headphones and receives female visitors.



Huseyin Tabak, a German-Kurd, born in 1981, studied at the Film Academy Vienna with Peter Patzak and Michael Haneke. His documentary "Kick Off" has already won the Diagonal Youth Award and the Wiener Film Prize. On request from his parents, he studied economy in Bielefeld after he graduated. In 2003 he moved to Hamburg, where he worked in over 20 Film and TV productions and has worked his way up from set-intern to the Assistant Director.