Production: Senar Turgut
Length: 75 min
Director: Sami Solmaz/ Senar Turgut
Camera: Mehmet Akif Solmaz
Land: Turkey
Language: Kurdish/ Turkish



There is a lasting war in Turkey- off staged and not clarified by the state for some 27 years. In the West, the truth about what has been going on Kurdish territories for 27 years is far from exposed. The national mainstream media networks only broadcast the footage and the texts authorized by the state. The news to be broadcasted is designated by the government and the general staff. With the excepting of just a few extreme incidents brought to trial in the European Court of Human rights, one side of the country is totally oblivious to what is happening on the other side of it. There are journalists who eye-witnessed what happened in the eastern side of Turkey; where the villages and cities inhabited by Kurdish people are. These journalists testify to the terrifying war they have experience first-hand. This documentary's aim is to show the extent of this war.


Sami Solmaz Was Born In 1966 In Wan