Production: Kurdistan Regional Government
Length: 80 min
Director: Viyan Mayi
Camera: Hawkar Farhad
Land: Irak-Kurdistan
Language: Kurdich
Cast: Diyar Dersim, Sipel Erdogan,
Zozan Berxwedan, Salah Rekani
Subtitles: English



The film "Doz", told in the backdrop of beautiful Kurdish landscape, is about Sirmen, the daughter of a rich man, who refuses to marry the man her father has picked out for her. Sirmen leaves her parents' house to seek aid from the Yezidi Prince.


Viyan Mayi was born  in 1960 in the South Kurdistan village of Maye. She studied communications, media and democratic education in Sweden. In 2004,  she went back to Kurdistan and now runs a cinema in Duhok..