Production: Rahim Zabihi
Length: 73 min
Director: Rahim Zabihi
Camera: Amir Aliveysi
Land: Irak-Kurdistan
Language: Kurdish
Cast: Ali Zabihi, Soleymani Tajani Soozani,
Rahman Mohamadzadeh
Subtitles: English


Two brothers are on their way for a picnic together with their cousin. The trip suddenly takes a dramatical turn when the brothers find out that the girl has harmed her honor by buying a mobile phone.


Rahim Zabihi was born in Iranian Kurdistan.  He has worked as an actor for 16 years, quoting Yilmaz Guney as the beginning of his passion for film. He produced his first film- "Hawar", with which he won several awards- in 2002, with only a small camera and limited crew. To finance   "Land of Legend" went as far as selling his own house. He currently lives and works in Berlin.