Production: Bezar Film, corazoÅLn international
Length: 102 min
Director: Miraz Bezar
Camera: Isabelle Casez
Land: Türke, Germany
Language: Kurdish, Türkish
Cast: Senay Orak, Muhammed Al
Subtitles: German


Ten-year-old Gülistan and her younger brother Firat grow up in Diyarbakir, a town in the heart of the Kurdish region in Turkey. One evening, as the make their way back from a wedding in the countryside, their parents are shot by Turkish soldiers before the children's eyes. Initially entrusted to their aunt Yekbun,  they are left abandoned when she too disappears without a trace. Patiently awaiting the return of their aunt, they learn to survive on the streets Diyarbakir. Here, they become friends with the twelve-year old, street-smart Zelal, whose life is adjusted to a daily fight for sustenance. Inspired by a fairy tale their mother always used to read to them- ‘Street Children of Diyarbakir’- they conjure a plan up to take revenge for their parent’s death.


Miraz Bezar studied cultural sciences at the Humboldt University, Berlin, where began to act in fringe theaters. He studied directing at the German Filmund Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). "Min Dit" is his first feature film. He has also completed several short films, screened at numerous

international festivals. His short film "Berivan" won the Nuremberg Best Short Film award, while "Duri" was awarded in Istanbul with the major prize IFSAK. In addition, "Berivan" was included as part of a package tour under the title "New European Realism" in which, among others, films by Mike Leigh and Wolfgang Becker were also screened.