Production: 2A Production / Ziyan Production
Length: 69 min
Director Ahmet Zirek
Camera: Diana Canzano
Land: Frankreich
Language: FranzoÅNsisch
cast: Ahmet Zirek, Simon Cohen, Gurgun
Argan, Husein Sahin, Liao-Yi Lin, Cesar N'Seke
Subtitiles: English


Zirek is a Kurd from Turkey. Refugee in Paris for over a quarter of a century, he promises his father to send his little son for a visit. The five-day journey in Kurdistan revives Zirek’s memories and anxieties. By telephone, he follows his son, rediscovering his country and its customs with joy and, at times, sorrow.  He reflects back on to his life since his first days as a refugee expecting to return as soon as “the situation changes,” and how he lost all hope at the end. Zirek traces his path that crossed that of the man who forced him into exile, General Evren. He then begins to descend into a hellish nightmare bordering on madness. The son gradually rediscovers his father from a distance on the way to his father’s hometown, Hakkâri, and their relationship- difficult at first- evolves over the phone.


Ahmet Zirek was born in Hakkari, the Kurdish part of Turkey . After the military coup in 1980, he left Turkey and fled to Paris, where he still lives today. As an actor he has acted in films by many world-renowned filmmakers such as Jean-Luc Godard, Sally Potter, Costa Gavras and Yilmaz Güney.