Production: Cinema Directorate Dohuk
Length: 64 min
Director: Masoud Arif
Kamera: Hawkar Ferhad
Land: Irak-Kurdistan
Sprache: Kurdisch
Darsteller: Muhammed Ali Atrouschi
Untertitel: Englisch


"Shadow Of A Bullet" is a story of life with war and shows that the consequence of all wars is destruction and collapse. As long as people live under the shadow of bullets, every element of life is affected.  The film shows the shadows and the shades of both the beautiful and the ugly sides of life in war.


Masoud Arif was born in 1973 in Duhok Iraqi Kurdistan.  At the age of 9 he began to do theater work. From 1991 he worked as an actor, assistant director and worked and spent four years in television. In 2000, he received his degree at the Institute Media in Erbil. Along with Hussein Hassan, he directed the movie "Narcissus Blossom" which received the 2006 Amnesty Internationally Human Rights Award at the Berlinale.