Production: Abbas Ghazali
Length: 52 min
Director: Ibrahim Saeedi, Zahawi Sanjavi
Camera: Ibrahim Saeedi
Land: Iran
Language Kurdish
Subtitles: English



Filmmakers vicious campaign against Iraqi Kurds during the 30- year reign of the Baathist regime. The recent unearthing of mass graves and the existence of villages almost exclusively populated by women highlight just how efficient Hussein's campaign was.



Ebrahim Saeedi was born in 1965 in Mahabad in Iranian Kurdistan and studied film at the School of Art in Tehran.  "All My Mothers,” is his first feature-length documentary, which he has worked on for over 3 years.

ZAHAWI SANJAVI was born in 1967 Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. In 1975, he reunited with his family before the outbreak of war in Iran. He later studied drama and film in Sweden and Russia. He returned to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2005, after 30 years of life in exile.