Production: Aprilfilm AS
Length: 53 min
Director: Anja Breien
Camera: Anja Breien
Land: Norwegen
Language: Kurdish
Subtitles: English



Historically, the Yezidi lived primarily in communities in what are now Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, and also had significant numbers in Armenia and Georgia. However, events since the 20th century have resulted in considerable demographic shift in these areas as well as mass emigration. As a result population estimates are unclear in many regions, and estimates of the size of the total population vary.



Anja Breien was born in 1940 in Oslo,  and moved to Paris after finishing school. After her French studies, she studied film from 1962 to 1964. Then she took on different projects as a production manager and Assistant Director. Her debut short film "Voks opp" was in 1967,  and her first feature film  -"Voldekt / Rape"- in 1971.  Since then, she has been involved in many films, documentaries and short films e.g. "Next of Kin" (1979), the comedies "Wives" (1975) and "Wives Ten Years After" (1985).